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Welcome to our world. We’re OddSalt Boutique; the brand taking over your social media feeds with our retro looks and classy but statement aesthetic that’ll have you double-tapping.
We believe style should be the way you represent yourself, whatever your budget, as we deliver products inspired by retro fashion and modern trends. Our products are head-turning and show-stopping. We just say what you're thinking. Each item has some piece of "those are dope" effect. Pay attention to the details😜.
We have gone beyond offering custom accessories to become an authority in fashion and beauty in your own right, providing our customers with everything an outspoken person needs.
We are more than just a brand. We aim to inspire confidence in our customers when it comes to how they dress and present themselves to the world, endeavoring to build a community of #oddballs. A movement towards sexual equality, freedom of expression, and all-around feeling yo’self regardless of body type, race, or gender.
For custom accessories, we use 100% genuine Swarovski crystals from an authorized Swarovski dealer. We also use premium paints, vintage pins, and vintage patches and on other days...

I bake cookies and shit.

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